NCBC @ SZABIST Islamabad develops DHPS for Sindh

Health Analytics is one of the promising application areas of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Introduction of data driven tools and decision-making in the field aims to help bring precision in public health policy interventions. This is to help ensure efficient and accurate investment of resources, prediction, monitoring and, mitigation of localized public health emergencies. NCBC’s Predictive Analytics Lab at SZABIST has developed and deployed a web-based intelligent District Health Prediction System(DHPS) capable of monitoring and predicting (using Machine Learning algorithms) performance indicators of healthcare programs such as Lady Health Workers(LHW), Expanded Program of Immunization and TB program of Government of Sindh. The system comes with an interactive dashboard for policy-makers and on-field decision makers to assess the real time progress and trends in public healthcare. Furthermore, District Health Analytics Systems (DHAS) has been deployed for Government of Sindh’s LHW program. The deployment and human resource training in other programs is underway at Predictive Analytics Lab, SZABIST, Islamabad.

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