NCBC’s PAAL develops first Data-Driven Agro-Zoning Atlas for Punjab

Agriculture sector of Pakistan employs a very large proportion of the country’s workforce. Bringing precision and data driven decision-making holds immense potential to increase efficient agriculture.  At NCBC’s Precision Agriculture and Analytics Lab (PAAL), University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Agro-ecological Zone (AEZ) Atlas for Punjab has been developed. The project was executed in collaboration with UN Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO). It is first data-driven Agro zoning tool in Punjab. The data on soil, water, climate, market prices, and cost of production was used to develop crop suitability maps for more than 50 commodities and also guide about relative profitability of different commodities in AEZs. The tool, which is first major update since the 1980s, has already become an important policy document for all relevant stakeholders in agriculture. The capacity developed with this exercise is now helping other provincial agriculture departments to develop their respective AEZs.

The report can be accessed here.

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