Protecting our children through Data and AI

One of the key challenges of child protection and safety in Pakistan is recovery of missing children. In the absence of an intelligent and well-designed recognition and recovery tool, the process of finding and recovering a child becomes a cumbersome and slow, adding pressure on law enforcement and child protection agencies working in the country.

NCBC’s Smart Video Surveillance Lab at FAST-NU Karachi, has carried out the deployment of Missing Child Surveillance application  successfully . The application is already published on Google Play Store. The project incorporated Age Invariant Face Matching algorithm at the backend of the system. The application has been deployed successfully at Sarim Burney’s Trust which is a non-profit working in domain of child protection and human rights. If the picture is found in data base of the foundation a mail notification is generated to the user. The system employs age invariant face recognition techniques, a key feature of our application and our research’s main focus.

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