Scylla : Bridging heterogenous IoT networks

Cloud computing is facing increasing difficulty to meet the computational and storage demands of massively scaling Internet of Things (IoT) deployments.  Moving the data computation and service supply from the cloud to the edge enables the possibility of meeting application delay requirements, improves the scalability and energy efficiency of lightweight IoT devices, provides contextual information processing, and mitigates the traffic burdens of the backbone network. However, to realize edge computing in IoT applications, many challenges must be addressed. One of them being bridging heterogenous IoT networks.

NCBC’s Distributed Computing Lab (DCL) at LUMS has designed a multi radio wireless access technology, called Scylla, that bridges heterogenous IoT networks. For example, our technology enables a Bluetooth-smart enabled smartphone to connect to a ZigBee IoT network without requiring additional hardware interface.

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