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Law and order is a key characteristic of progressive civilized societies. It is a fundamental responsibility of the government to provide a safe and orderly environment that is implemented through various departments and agencies. Due to its unique geopolitical landscape, law and order has remained a pressing issue for Pakistan. Prevalent procedures for crime investigation and prevention are slow and outdated. We believe that the vast amount of structured and unstructured data available today is a gold mine. Unfortunately, sufficient human and technical resources do not exist in government departments and agencies to effectively utilize this data. The proposed Crime Investigation and Prevention Lab (CIPL) at ITU will provide a platform for research, development, and implementation of data-driven solutions for (1) Crime pattern discovery and optimal surveillance, (2) Evidence gathering and suspect identification, (3) Speech Forensics, and (4) Vulnerability analysis and crime prediction. To this end, the lab plans to assemble experts in Data Science, Speech & Audio Processing, Criminology, Sociology, and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to build a modern law and order hub in the region. For instance, automatic processing of recorded speech and audio data (recorded phone calls, conversations etc.) could augment threat preemption, crime prevention and investigation processes using techniques like keyword spotting, speech recognition and speaker identification.

Our team

Meet the Principal Investigator as well the as Co – Principal Investigators of the Lab.

Dr. Faisal Kamiran

Principal Investigator

Faisal Kamiran is Co-Founder and President of ADDO AI and an internationally respected expert in data science and machine learning with extensive experience of industry, academia and research. He received the World Bank research innovation award for his data science work in April 2017. He is also the director of Data Science Lab (DSL), Crime Investigation and Prevention Lab (CIPL) and served as a Chairperson of the Computer Science department at Information Technology University of The Punjab. He has worked for over 10 years advising governments and corporate entities towards digital transformation using data driven strategy.

Faisal Kamiran received his Ph.D. degree from The Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), The Netherlands in 2011. Afterwards, he joined King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) as a postdoctoral fellow. As a part of his doctoral research, he developed fairness-aware AI and machine learning models, which are directly applicable to the legal, social, and economic domains particularly after strict privacy regulations like GDPR.


Faisal is giving consultancy services in the well-established area of data science/Artificial Intelligence. He has led several data engineering and AI projects for a number of gold-tier enterprise clients including leading world telcos, financial institutions, airlines, governments, etc. Faisal has expertise both on cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) and on-prem technologies (Cloudera Stack). He has extensive experience advising enterprises for developing large scale data architectures using big data technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Vertica, Talend, Redshift, BigQuery, etc.

Dr. Saeed Ul Hassan

Co - Principal Investigator

Dr. Saeed Ul Hassan is the Director of AI Lab and a faculty member at Information Technology University (ITU), a former Postdoctoral Fellow at the United Nations University – with more than 15 years of hands-on experience in AI, Machine Learning, and Software Development client work. He earned his

Ph.D. in the field of Information Management from the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. He has also served as a Research Fellow at the National Institute of Informatics in Japan.


Dr. Saeed’s research interests lie within the areas of Data Science, Machine Learning, Contextual Scientometrics, Altmetrics Bibliometric Tools for Evidence-based Research Policy Formulation, Information Retrieval, and Text Mining. He has published more than 50 papers in reputed international journals and conference proceedings including highly reputed venues like TKDE, WWW, JCDL, Journal of Informetrics, and Scientometrics. Dr. Saeed is also the recipient of the James A. Linen III Memorial Award in recognition of his outstanding academic performance. More recently, he has been awarded Eugene Garfield Honorable Mention Award for Innovation in Citation Analysis by Clarivate Analytics, Thomson Reuters.


Dr. Saeed is a lifetime volunteer of Pakistan Hemophilia Patient’s Welfare Society and technical lead of the National Patient Registry of people with a bleeding disorder in Pakistan.





Dr. Agha Ali Raza

Co - Principal Investigator

Dr Agha is an Assistant Professor in the department of Computer Science at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Pakistan. He is a Fulbright Scholar with a PhD in Computer Science and Language Technologies from Language Technologies Institute, School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, where he was advised by Roni Rosenfeld. He is also the founding director of the Center for Speech and Language Technologies (CSaLT) at LUMS (previously at ITU).

His research interests include Speech and Natural Language Processing, Speech-based Human Computer Interfaces, and Information & Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D).

The aim of his research is to enable information access and social connectivity for under-connected and under-served populations (low-literate, low-income, tech naïve, visually impaired, oral cultures, linguistically and socially marginalized, and geographically remote communities) throughout the developing world. His work shows that speech-based entertainment services and social networks accessible over simple and feature mobile phones can be used as powerful motivators to induce self-training and viral spread among under-connected populations. Such services can be used as vehicles for large-scale dissemination of development-related information, pulling information in the form of real-time surveys and for performing randomized controlled trials and demographic studies. These services provide target users with a voice and a digital social identity.
He served at a faculty position at Information Technology University, Lahore, Pakistan from 2015 to 2019 and established the Center for Speech and Language Technologies.

Dr. Waqas Sultani

Co - Principal Investigator

Waqas Sultani completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science under Professor Mubarak Shah at Center for Research in Computer Vision, University of Central Florida. Before this, he earned MS from Seoul National University, South Korea under the supervision of Professor Jin Young Choi at Perception and Intelligence lab. He received his BSc in Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila.  He has worked on several projects related to human action recognition, anomaly detection, crowd tracking, anomaly detection, object segmentation, complex event detection and automatic weakly labeled annotations.  He has worked on projects funded by US Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), US Data Transport Solution (DTS), US National Institute of Justice (NIJ), US Xerox Research and Samsung Electronics.


 He has published several research papers in top computer vision conferences and journals. In addition, he holds two US patents. In 2014, he worked for Xerox Research Center, New York. He also worked for around two years in the Advanced Engineering Research Organization (NESCOM) and one year in COMSATS Institute of Technology, Islamabad as a Lecturer.

Our services

Heterogenous Data Integration

FIR, News, Data Portal leading to a data repository for criminal investigations.

Crime Analytics/Suspect Identification

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Speech Forensic

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Vulnerability Analysis/Crime Detection

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